John Gladstone Jansen

1918 to November 21, 1962

Date of Birth: 1918
Wedding: Edith Chambless - December 23, 1939
Daughter's Birth: Jan Jansen Bedingfield - May, 12 1950
Daughter's Birth: Jean Jansen Lambert - June 22, 1954
Mayor of Dudley, GA: 1959 - November 21, 1962 Date of Passing: November 21, 1962
Marriage of Daughter: Jan Jansen to Carl Osler Bedingfield Sr. - May 6, 1972
Marriage of Daughter: Jean Jansen to Rick Lambert - June 12, 1977

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One Sunday Night

Posted: OCT. 14, 2015Jean Jansen Lambert

When Jan and I were young Sunday nights were spent with my Dad. Mom went to church and left us in his care. Many of those nights included a trip to Dublin for dinner. Usually this was a visit to the Shrimp Boat. I loved those trips!
One Sunday night turned out very differently. Two (black) men on the outskirts of Dudley were involved in a shooting. Somehow the wounded man reached out to my dad immediately for help. He was the mayor, chief of police, and fire chief all rolled unofficially into one. The gentleman was bleeding profusely from his head and needed to get to the hospital immediately.
Dad, Jan, and I were in the front seat. The patient lay down in the back. A quick stop at my Aunt's and Grandparent's revealed no one at home. So we were all off to the hospital in Dublin at break neck speed.
I have vivid memories of the emergency room. It was alternately scary and fascinating. The patient turned out only to have a superficial wound and fully recovered.
We didn't linger too long and by the time we got home my Mom was there. As we got out of the car our cocker spaniel, Queenie, was barking furiously. Then all of a sudden the shooter walked from our back yard to the front to surrender himself to my Dad. That was the scariest part of the evening.
Later when Dad was home I recounted the whole thing to Mom. I excitedly told her how fast we were going in the car. Dad tried to downplay it but I said : DAD!! We were going one oh oh. Needless to say she was not happy.
I think from then on Jan and I were required to go to church with her every Sunday night.




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